Welcome to “The Critical Inquirers,” a site which we have built with the intentions of escaping dogmatism, and engaging in critical reflection. I, Mitchel Daniel, am a biology student at Queen’s University with a passion for evolutionary biology. My co-founder Daniel Gipps is an economics student at UBC and has his critical eye frequently directed towards economics and political science. These are our areas of relative expertise, but we are always open to the challenges posed by ethical, philosophical, and scientific inquiry in general. Together we hope to cultivate an oasis of free but critical thought, where ever it can be had.

What does this mean? It means that we think beliefs should be accepted or rejected only on the condition of truth. Intuition and emotional reasoning may be helpful in day to day life, but here they are insufficient. Rational argument is essential; evidence, whenever possible, is key. We are here to analyze and dissect beliefs, and reason is the scalpel with which we do so.

Such is our approach, and we will bring it eagerly to any issue set before us. This is how we hope to impress upon you the value of being a critical inquirer.

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